Natural Hair Salon & Stylists

A Nu U Traditional Salon is among the preferred black hair salons for natural hair treatments and hairstyles, with expert stylists who can help you restore the natural beauty and health of your hair while perfecting a style that represents your distinctive taste.

Owner Crystal Baptiste is a pioneer in the natural hair care industry. Her work has been featured in Black Passion Magazine, Sophisticate’s Black Hair magazine and Style Trends. Baptist has also won several awards in the Golden Scissor competition and many other distinguished competitions, and continues to pass on her craft through teaching and practicing cosmetology.

With nearly 30 years of experience in cosmetology, Baptiste has seen trends and styles change, while the desire for beautiful, healthy hair remains the same. Using natural products and methods that lock in moisture and styling techniques that keep your hair strong, you can show off the style you love while keeping healthy, glowing hair.

Make an appointment with an experienced stylist at A Nu U in Charlotte, NC, today to learn more and get the latest information and styles for natural hair care.